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The online calculators web is an automatic software to solve the examples of mathematics, physics and geometry. To use no need to download and install anything on your computer, you not are registered simply choose the one that best suits your needs input data for calculations at work, university or school.
All online calculators on the website are absolutely free.

Scientific Calculator Online to perform mathematical operations on single or complex arithmetic for both chemical physics or engineering. For students and enables calculations trigonometric functions logarithms, sine, cosine, from the internet browser for Windows or Mac computer or Android mobile phone.

Currency converter with currency exchange rates in the world since (Euros, US Dollars, Pesos Yen or Pound) instantly so free, useful to know the value if we travel to the country or have notes or coins in the country.

VAT calculator VAT calculator to calculate value added tax. the percentage by just typing manually Tax Code automatically give results for different countries, for each fiscal legislation to create invoices or purchase and sale of goods items or property, allows you to determine the amount payable.